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Adaptation and Resilience

“Trees are masters of adaptation and resilience.

They can withstand years of drought, extreme temperatures, and even fire.”

~Peter Wohlleben

Adaptation and Resilience! Two of my favorite words and concepts. Our practices, both jin shin jyutsu and yoga, are all about building our adaptability and improving our resilience. By creating a consistent and regular practice of moving our attention inside of ourselves, by feeling and tuning into the body/mind while it is still whispering rather than waiting until it screams, we are able to cope with what life throws at us. We are able to adapt to changing circumstances and to flow from one state of mind to another without getting stuck in one gear.

I love this tree, a majestic hickory that puts on a new show every day as it interacts with the changing environment, weather and time of day. It is in my front garden and catches my heart on a regular basis. One of my favorite subjects to photograph, I caught this photo earlier this week just as the sun was starting to set.

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