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"Beth's treatment is 100% effective for stress of body and mind. The atmosphere is comfortable and inviting, the treatment is delicate and non-invasive, resulting in a peaceful mind and a relaxed physical being. Thanks, Beth!" ~Hilary D. 

"My Jin Shin Jyutsu session with Beth was very blissful, relaxing and rejuvenating. Having experienced Jin Shin Jyutsu for over 25 years, I can recommend Beth as intuitive, skillful, warm, and loving as a practitioner and a person." ~Richard Shulman

"Beth has made a world of difference in just one session of Jin Shin Jyutsu with her healing hands. I have been having trouble with both of my knees since the operations last year. My frustration meter was really high. I felt so calm after my session and I took a nice walk in the beautiful outdoors with my dogs without so much pain. I will return and practice what she taught me to do to heal myself. Thanks Beth!" ~Kerry McKenzie 

"What a terrific session Beth gave me! I felt at least 6 inches taller as I stood up afterwards. I could feel the energy pathways open up as she worked on the different centers, releasing tension and energizing my body. I am thrilled to have experienced jsj with Beth, and look forward to future sessions with her. I have already recommended it to friends. Thank you, Beth, for the gift of your healing touch!" ~Gari Carter

"The neck pain melted away after just a few minutes of the session. It was a great Kick-Start to a revitalized me! Later that day I felt the pain flowing out from my fingertips. My life focus is back and I am ready for whatever the world tosses my way! Thank You, Beth" ~Leslie Henderson 

"Thank You Beth, I am making progress. Your skill in this art is a mastery that you have accomplished. Your sharing it with those of us new to the healing arts only personifies how dedicated you are to helping humankind. I'm so pleased to have been introduced to JinShinJyustsu. Not only am I pleased in the therapy, but equally in gaining another friend and mentor. I wish you peace and tranquility..." ~Jessie MacWatt 

"The day after my session with Beth I was guided to info that has transformed my life. Balancing my energy centers opened me to receive and open me to a physical healing. Thank you Beth for the healing work you do!" ~Larry Downing 

"Beth's JSJ treatment is helping to prepare my body--and baby-- for the birth experience. I leave her healing space feeling rejuvenated, harmonious, balanced. Her skill with this practice is great (& inspiring!) and I will continue to rely on her as a trusted healer." ~Sarie Sisler 

"Such a deep sharing happens, a profound relaxation in which healing is inevitable. Jin Shin over and over demonstrates the most powerful shifts from the most subtle of movements." ~Aile

"My session left me feeling very relaxed, but the most surprising effect was that I felt noticeably better for several days, in ways I had not expected. I will definitely be back for more. Thanks!" ~Alana J. 

"A lot could be said, all positive, but I will keep it to two observations. This first: when I was done, it felt like all the parts of my body were not separate & connected parts -- it felt like the separations between what is leg, what is torso, what is neck, etc., had vanished. The second is that when I went somewhere afterwards and stood in line, I was really rooted - I noticed I was standing without swaying or shifting at all - just standing and nothing else. It felt great!" ~Dave Marcus

"Beth has a nice, intuitive grasp of what I need--I not only felt really relaxed from the one session, but noticed my mood was lighter, calmer for several days following." ~Paula Bishop 

"Beth Molaro's combination of professional training and soul-deep caring for humanity allows effortless healing to transpire in a gentle relaxed atmosphere." ~Totsie Marine

"Most profound relaxation experience ever from a skilled and caring practitioner. Would definitely recommend a session with Beth for healing and balance." ~Linda Hunt 

"What a relief. I was able to let go of stress and find a new place of ease. The suggestions for self treatment have already been very helpful. I am grateful for the blend of confident professionalism and genuine care to help me with my issues." ~Kelly McKibben 

"Our session helped relieve the pain I was feeling enormously. Gradual at first, with the spasm around the area of concern unblocked and subsiding from the warmth of your hands in just the right places, and then by evening, a mere fraction of what I felt when I first walked through your door. Today as I use my limbs, it is much quieter still. Thank you!! Much appreciated!" ~A.S.

"Having moved to North Carolina from California, I've been job hunting for the last year and heaping on tons of deep physical and emotional stress. The kind of stress the body forgets how to release. Thanks to Beth's exceptional professional skill and energetic healing hands, I spent an hour releasing, relaxing and renewing my body to new levels of health. Thank you, Beth!" ~Donna 

"I have to admit, I was a little skeptical at first hearing about this therapy. I started when I was going through some terrible postpartum depression. Now I can honestly tell you that Beth is an incredible healer, not only with an amazing gift, but also a true gentleness and caring. She will figure out what's going on even if you don't know! Each experience has been exceptional and I will be back for more, thank-you Beth!!" ~Elizabeth Helmich 

"My session with Beth was very relaxing, and she answered all my questions. The big plus was that she pointed out some routines I can do myself to continue healing. Thank you Beth!" ~Peter B.


"Beth has a special touch, a special energy, a special connection that is unique in all the energy work practitioners I have experienced. My husband went to see her suffering from a severe migraine and after a one-hour session, was able to make the 4-hour drive home with no problems." ~Patricia Campbell

"Beth helped me heal and recover quickly from a ruptured spleen and torn kidneys. Treatment began while I was in the hospital and continued for a month thereafter. Even the doctors were amazed at my progress!" ~Daniel Davila

"Since beginning treatment with Beth, my back problems have practically vanished and I no longer need to take strong pain medication. We're now working on my immune system, which has already improved by leaps and bounds!" ~David Lynch

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