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You are the Gardener of Your Own BE-ing

"Whether you tend a garden or not,

you are the gardener of your own being,

the seed of your destiny."

~The Findhorn Community

With the warm temperatures and oh so blue skies of the last few days, all thoughts turn to Spring, that transition period between winter and summer, the season of rebirth, fertility, renewal and regrowth. The birth of new ideas, inspiration, and creativity restored by the longer sun-filled days.

I am drawn more and more each Spring day to be out in the garden among the fresh growth and delicate flowers all brimming with possibility, to witness the change and transformation bursting forth. Small wonder that the color for harmonizing the body in Spring is GREEN. Green represents nature's desire to expand and grow. Surround yourself with green when you feel the need for relaxing-body, mind and spirit, to help to alleviate depression and anxiety. The color green is soothing and promotes harmony, renewal and vitality.

Transitions are helped by a practice of mindfulness. As we move out of Winter, the season of retreat and rest, and into Spring, the season of new growth, rebirth and action, it is important that we find ways to reduce the stressors that keep us from feeling our best.

The seasons of Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter, like the tides, have an affect on our body's energy flow. Each season has a connection to a pair of organ functions. The organs of Spring are the liver and gall bladder. The attitudes of imbalance are anger, frustration, and insecurity. When in balance, there is harmony and well being. Imbalances of the liver and gallbladder as well as the associated attitudes can be harmonized by simply holding the Middle Finger.

In addition to holding your middle finger for balance, it is wise to eat plenty of greens to help the Liver detoxify from the long winter. I am finding that I have great cravings for greens of all kinds at this time of year. As I work in the garden, I munch on the tangy arugula and pungent garlic tops that always manage to make it through the winter, a hopeful bit of green showing through the snow. The abundance of the color green in Springtime should be a reminder to us about the need for these greens in our diet.

We'll soon be eating salads of arugula and tender young herbs, sauteed mixed greens (chickweed, arugula, collard and kale), and chopped greens added to stirfrys. The photo above shows and abundance of green from a previous year's Swiss Chard bed in my wonderful garden. I love knowing that eating local, in season foods work with my body to keep the organs of the season in harmony. Nature is so intelligent, it is a shame that science thinks that it can do any better by engineering our foods.

Here are some tips for getting the most out of Spring to bring harmony to Body, Mind and Spirit:

• Eat lots of green foods.

• Eat Local, In Season.

• Eat Organic.

• Get outside and play in the dirt.

• Plant a garden.

• Get plenty of exercise.

• Get plenty of rest and relaxation.

So throw your windows wide open and let the fresh Spring air blow through to clear out the dust and darkness of the winter, and to make a fresh start.

If I had my life to live over,

I would start barefoot earlier in the spring

and stay that way later in the fall.

~Nadine Stair

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