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Pondering the Gifts of Kaiut Yoga - Part 5

Updated: Oct 7, 2023

This is Post 5 of 10. As I move towards my 60th birthday, I am pondering the gifts brought to my life by the practice of the Kaiut Method, my work with Tucker Shelton and my studies with Francisco Kaiut. I’d like to share some of those thoughts with you. I’m thinking one post per day as I count down to 60.

Journal Entry September 2020 - “Every time I am out walking, I am struck by the incredible feeling of freedom that I now have in my hips. My legs swing forward and back with such a sense of ease that I had long ago forgotten was possible or even to be expected! It is a wonderful sensation of freedom of movement and range of motion and makes me so happy! I know that the losses that I was gradually experiencing with age have been stopped in their tracks and that I am now making good progress in regaining lost mobility. I love Kaiut Yoga! What a gift to me and a gift that I love to share with others. Truly amazing!”

What a huge gift indeed, to feel freedom in my limbs, to feel a grounded sense of balance in my body and my movements, to feel young and ageless, to develop strength, stability and tone and to regain my lost mobility! That's what I am talking about! I plan to walk throughout the rest of my life with freedom and ease!

Restrictions develop in our super adaptable bodies due to injury, lifestyle, stress, etc. These restrictions are multi-layered and are added to with each passing day, they are what make our bodies feel stiff and immobile. The Kaiut Method helps us to dissolve the restrictions and stiffness one layer at a time to bring ease back to our movement. ​This practice is a tool that builds freedom in the body and mind, extends life and establishes a more relaxed, balanced approach to everyday life.

It is my wish that everyone has a chance to experience this work, to have the opportunity to improve their lives and to slow the aging process!

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