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Pondering the Gifts of Kaiut Yoga - Part 4

Updated: Oct 7, 2023

This is Post 4 of 10. As I move towards my 60th birthday, I am pondering the gifts brought to my life by the practice of the Kaiut Method, my work with Tucker Shelton and my studies with Francisco Kaiut. I’d like to share some of those thoughts with you. I’m thinking one post per day as I count down to 60.

It's really about mindset! Most of us are raised to believe that growing older means a progressive decline in health, wellness, mental and physical ability.

I feel lucky to have had the most amazing Young Grandmother! She passed away at over 90 years old but throughout my life she has been an inspiration in vitality. I have vivid memories of her smiling and living life fully. In her 80's she was encouraged to participate in the local Senior Center activities but she declined saying "Why would I want to hang out with those old people?" She made such an impression on me from my earliest memories. I can remember being maybe 5 or 6 and telling her that when I was as old as her, I wanted to be as young as her!

We are so programed that as we age we will breakdown, that we will be drastically limited in what we can do, that is is inevitable and that we just need to accept that we will become less and less capable both in body and mind.

When I tell people that I feel like I am aging in reverse thanks to the Kaiut Method and that I feel like I am getting younger everyday, I hear a lot of "yeah but..." People seem all too willing to just accept their fate.

Let’s even forget about aging backwards for a minute, what if you could just simply STOP aging in its tracks? Stop losing any more mobility and just maintain what you have. Wouldn’t even JUST that be a big accomplishment, wouldn’t that be a big improvement?!

Why are we so ready to just believe that we can't keep these bodies running well to 100 or more? I realize that to embark on a path of changing the paradigm of aging for oneself takes a lot of determination, a good longevity plan and the belief that all things are possible. It really IS about mindset!

For me, the Kaiut Method is my longevity plan and my mind is willing to look at the world differently, to see a healthy path for myself, my students, my friends and my family!

If you are interested in trying this out for yourself, I teach online. It does not matter where you are, you can join us for a class. This is a practice for everybody and you can make it your longevity plan too. And besides, what do you have to lose?

Here are photos of my grandmother and me side by side. She’s one of my life heroes and I had known about the Kaiut Method while she was still alive, I know that she would be practicing by my side

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