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Pondering the Gifts of Kaiut Yoga - Part 3

Updated: Oct 7, 2023

This is Post 3 of 10. As I move towards my 60th birthday, I am pondering the gifts brought to my life by the practice of the Kaiut Method, my work with Tucker Shelton and my studies with Francisco Kaiut. I’d like to share some of those thoughts with you. I’m thinking one post per day as I count down to 60.

A journal entry from Nov 2019, “My body is feeling pretty good. Walking gets easier and easier. My low back is still a factor but it is changing. I am working towards changing my story of being 'the one with low back pain'. It has been my life for so many decades! But I want it gone! Kaiut is slowing undoing it, so that my story can change!”

I mentioned in my first post that I’d had back pain for much of my life. When I was 5 years old, I fell out of a moving car. Over the years as I have processed and healed, this one traumatic incident comes up for healing again and again. One layer at a time. I feel that this one experience is at the root of much of the disharmony that I have lived with in my body on both a physical and emotional level. So I am not surprised that it all came to the surface again as I explored my new life with the Kaiut Method.

For me, the pain that I have felt over the years related to my back has changed and shifted from time to time and I have a visceral memory of those changing levels and sensations of pain as related to the time period of my life that I experienced them.

What I was finding with my Kaiut practice was that some of those old sensations of pain returned. But only for a time!

During my years of holding space for my clients to heal, I would often counsel them to not get attached to an old sensation or pain when it would resurface but instead to welcome it, to see it as rising to the surface to be released. So I took my own advice to bid that old pain farewell, to allow it to leave the body.

Interestingly enough, I was experiencing these old sensations in reverse. First feeling the kinds of pain that I had in my back in my 50’s, then after a while in my later 40’s, then the pain of my early 40s after giving birth to my daughter, and on and on until I got all the way back to the pain I experienced in my teens and my childhood… it was fascinating.

And in a training with Francisco Kaiut, I shared this experience I was having with him. I said, does this sound right?! And he said, “This is exactly what I want you to be feeling. Like you are going back in time!”

About a year ago, I got through my journey back in time to childhood with the back pain sensations. I thought, ok what now?!

So here’s the interesting and exciting thing! Over the last year, there is still some pain, some delicate feelings, that seed of fragility from years of pain and discomfort. BUT the sense I get is that my body is rebuilding, reconnecting and restructuring from the bones and joints out to the skin surface. My body feels new!

I think that the real thing to remember as you read my story, is that this Kaiut stuff is not a quick fix. While results can sometimes be seen right away, we want to make sustainable progress over a long period of time. Think about it in terms of how nature works…change in nature that is sudden and rapid, often brings with it the element of destruction.

The practice of Kaiut is a long game practice. We peel away a layer of restriction and then allow the body and brain to integrate the change. Then we go to the next layer and so on.

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