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Pondering the gifts of Kaiut Yoga - Part 1

Updated: Oct 7, 2023

This is Post 1 of 10. As I move towards my 60th birthday, I am pondering the gifts

brought to my life by the practice of the Kaiut Method, my work with Tucker Shelton and my studies with Francisco Kaiut. I’d like to share some of those thoughts with you. I’m thinking one post per day as I count down to 60.

Today, I am thinking about where I was when I first discovered this practice. I was dealing with a foot injury that put me in and out of an immobilizing boot for more than two years and had severely impacted my ability to move and do the things that I love the most…dancing, hiking, gardening, walking. I’d had back pain for much of my life but at 57 going on 58, I constantly needed to consider just what I could do, how much I could do, and how far I could even go for a walk. I was becoming more and more sedentary and putting on weight and generally pretty unhappy about the situation. But I didn’t know what to do to change this downward slide. It was very frustrating and disheartening! In June of 2018, my friend, Tucker Shelton, posted on FB that he was teaching a workshop called “Nourish Joints and Fascia”, I decided to give it a try! The description felt like something that I needed! (Based on the Brazilian system of Kaiut Yoga, this master class will unwind chronic adhesions in the connective tissue and help to strengthen and unlock the major joints of the body. This practice is composed of restful, supported Yin postures combined with finely directed micro engagements that together trigger a release of scar tissue and promote healing. Working from the feet up to the neck, participants will experience profound, regenerative effects in their whole mind-body system. Come lavish and fortify yourself in the wisdom of this burgeoning school of practice. All levels and bodies welcome—this therapy is for all!) I hurt, I thought, I have pain in my joints… what do I have to lose?! Well, friends, walking into that workshop literally changed my life! This therapeutic power yin approach to the joints was like nothing that I had ever experienced. My introduction to the Kaiut Method gave me HOPE that it was POSSIBLE to not only STOP losing my ability to function in my life, but it gave me A PATH to REGAIN my lost mobility and to actually begin to age in reverse! I went home and searched the internet about this KAIUT METHOD… and what struck me the most was the story of people practicing this method in their 70s and 80s who can only tell that they are getting old when they look at their face in the mirror BUT not feeling the aging in their bodies. In fact, feeling better than they did when they were younger! All that I could think at that point was, I WANT THAT!!!

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