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Jin Shin Jyutsu to Balance Back Stress

I remember with awe my first look at my daughter's spine. It was at the initial ultrasound, pretty early on in the pregnancy, she was just a peanut but there was her spine. Beautiful and perfect, it reminded me of a strand of luminous pearls.

Embryologically, a detailed cascade of events must occur to result in the proper formation of both the musculoskeletal and neural elements of the spine.  The spine will become the structural support of the body as a whole and will be a conduit for safe passage of the neural elements. The spine is responsible for interaction with the brain. All of this is well underway at the 4th week after conception. Amazing!

So much depends on the proper functioning of our spine. It is small wonder that a backache can put us "Out of Commission"!

When I first discovered Jin Shin Jyutsu, I suffered from incapacitating back pain that had begun in my childhood.  As a young child, my parents brought me to be checked out by the family doctor... He took one look at me and declared my hips to be uneven. He informed me that I would "always have back trouble." Thanks a lot Doc! So I always had back trouble....he told me I would... so I did.

Jin Shin Jyutsu teaches us that all things are possible. I practice Jin Shin Jyutsu Self Help daily and the back pain isn't an impediment anymore. When there is a flair-up, I use my self help to get back in balance, usually within 24 hours. In the past, a flair-up meant weeks of recovery and pain.

I should tell you that it took about a year to see a big difference, although I felt improvement after a week or so of dedicated daily self-help. It has been since 2003 that I have made self-help a daily part of my life.  At that time, there we no other practitioners that I knew of in the area, so Jin Shin Jyutsu Sessions with a Practitioner were not possible, I had to depend on myself.

For back projects my self-help is simple. With one hand, HOLD the back of your head where your skull meets the spine. With the other hand HOLD your tailbone/sacrum area. This simple flow helps the life energy push through the stagnant places in the spine, strengthening the spine and balancing the energy that supports both bladder and kidney function energy ...among other things! 

You can begin your day with this flow before you even are fully awake. Then during the day, take a break and do this flow again. Once more at bedtime and this flow will help you sleep. Three times a day for 10-20 minutes, whatever you have time for, and you will be on your way to freeing yourself from back stress and pain. Use either the palm of your hand or the back of your hand, which ever will be the most comfortable for you.

Holding your index finger will also support this energy and is a simple hold to use during the day, in the middle of a meeting or watching a movie. Use the index finger at the first sign of pain or discomfort and you can feel the pain melt away.

To balance hips and shoulders, I hold the backs of my knees. This simple flow helps to balance shoulders and hips, opens the pelvis and relaxes tension in the body.

Another simple favorite of mine is to "sit on your hands"/hold your sitbones. This is the location of Safety Energy Lock 25, "Quietly Regenerating".

When you create a dedicated daily self-help practice, you will be amazed at the progress you will make! Learn how to dismiss the effects of stress. These flows are indeed simple and effective and will make a difference in your busy life! Be in Balance. You'll like it there!

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