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Circus Dreams

“Dreams don't work unless you take action.

The surest way to make your dreams come true is to live them.” ~Roy T. Bennett

It is the time of year that the Venardos Circus #liveyourcircusdream comes to Asheville and it is my favorite for so many reasons! I went on opening night last week and will likely go another time before they leave town.

Why am I so crazy about this circus? Kevin Venardos, the ringmaster and founder of this “little circus that could” is an inspiration. At each show, he talks about having a dream and making it come true, about having the courage to do what it takes, even when it seems impossible, to bring your friends along with you to help make it happen and most importantly, to never give up on yourself and your dreams! I get emotional every time I hear his story of creating this circus out of nothing but a dream, an idea. I am awestruck by the amazing, daring feats that these circus people make happen, the teamwork that goes into the show, the clear trust and love that they all share.

Honestly, I find myself wanting to run away to the circus and be the troupe’s personal yoga teacher and jin shin jyutsu practitioner! I know that they could all use the balance that comes from these two practices, especially as I watch how they use their bodies!

Opening night this year was on my one year anniversary of opening up my own yoga platform. I had a dream. A dream to bring kaiut yoga to more people, to create a business that was authentic to me and that would serve my students for years to come and to literally open up the next chapter of this journey called life.

I am happy to say, it was the best step forward that I could have made. And I am so grateful for those of you who believed in my dream and have come along for the ride. We are doing great things together and I look forward to our future as we continue to travel this road side by side!

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