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Time to Emerge from our Winter Cocoon

"Look to the seasons when choosing your cures." ~Hippocrates

Finally, Winter's embrace is beginning to loosen its hold on us. Our recent warm weather is a welcome respite from the icy chill of recent weeks. Already the daffodils are pushing up and the air smells like Spring. And even though I know that we will get more cold weather and likely another snow or two, my thoughts are turning to Spring planning for the garden and my life.

The smell of Spring in the air compels us to begin the process of Spring Cleaning, that age old tradition of cleaning the house from top to bottom which is conducted in the first warm days of the year. Windows thrown wide open to let the fresh Spring air blow through the house to clear out the staleness that comes from being shut to the winter cold, to clear out the dust and darkness of the winter, and to make a fresh start.

As we emerge from the cocoon of Winter, besides cleaning our houses, we have a need to clean our physical being and to restore balance. The simple practice of holding each finger for a minute or two each day will bring back harmony and help us to let go of the limiting beliefs that hold us back from fully experiencing the joys of life. Read More about this practice Here.

One of the traditional Jin Shin Jyutsu ways of Spring Cleaning-body, mind and spirit, is to give yourself a Week-long Healing Intensive.

This special accelerated healing process involves having three or more Jin Shin Jyutsu treatments in one week. Receiving a series of sessions close together brings harmony on a continued basis for the week and allows us to affect a change in patterns of disharmony, and the habits and attitudes that create imbalance.

Each session builds on the last since the healing process works in layers. As some parts of your body begin to heal, new underlying patterns become exposed and can also be addressed. Over a period of time, we clear more and more issues and learn how to operate in a new and healthy way.

When more time is spent receiving healing, the healing patterns are set more strongly, so your body begins to heal faster. The effects of regularly returning your body to balance are cumulative and lead to deep and sustained changes in the your life. These effects can become long lasting when we engage in a program of regular Jin Shin Jyutsu sessions paired with daily self-help.

I invite you to experience this rejuvenating and refreshing treatment, that brings balance, harmony and clarity to the many layers of your life. A week-long healing intensive brings the opportunity for deep cleaning and gives you access to the benefits that come from having a number of appointments in close succession. When we have an opportunity to keep the body's systems clear and balanced without the time in between to fall back into unhealthy patterns, we actually give ourselves a fresh start on a clear path, we bring to our BE-ing a mindful, go with the flow way of coping with whatever life brings.

Schedule your sessions Online, By Email or give me a call. Pay just $60/hour session or $32/half hour session when you schedule 3 or more sessions in one week and pay in full at the first appointment of the week. Repeat as often as you like.

"Begin doing what you want to do now. We are not living in eternity. We have only this moment, sparkling like a star in our hand-and melting like a snowflake.” ~Francis Bacon Sr.

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