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You Be the Joy-seeker That You Are

"When you take the problems of the world on your shoulders,

your body doesn't feel good. It's just that simple.

Leave the problems of the world

to the individual problem-makers of the world,

and you be the joy-seeker that you are."


The first energy flow set in motion by the Main Central Flow is the two Major Vertical Supervisor Harmonizing Energies. These two flows create and maintain our physical form and are the birthplace of the pairs of energy centers that Jin Shin Jytusu refers to as Safety Energy Locks. The Supervisor Flows monitor or supervise the development of each respective side of the body. I just love how the Abraham quote above illustrates the importance of keeping the Supervisor Energy Pathway clear and flowing.

Safety Energy Lock 11 is located at the shoulder where it meets the neck. This energy center's wisdom/gift is to enable us to "Unload Excess Baggage, BE free of Worthless Antiques, Turn our Problems into Projects, and to Clear Our Clutter." SEL 11 harmonizes the shoulders and the neck and benefits the arms - elbows, wrists, hands, and fingers.

Safety Energy Lock 15 is located and the fold of the leg at the groin. This energy center's wisdom/gift is to "Wash our Hearts with Joy and Laughter." By opening the SEL 15s we are able to bring more joy and laughter into our BE-ing, helping us to take ourselves and situations less seriously. SEL 15 harmonizes the abdomen, legs, knees, ankles, and feet, Alleviates bloat and aids the heart.

Safety Energy Lock 25 is located at the sit-bones. This energy center's wisdom/gift is to "Quietly Regenerate." It cam be used to calm, sooth and quietly regenerate all of the body's functions. SEL 25 increases alertness, energy and mental clarity, builds the memory and clears toxins from our muscles after physical activity.

Here is the simple flow for you:Drape your right hand over your left shoulder where it meets the neck (SEL 11) and hold the fold of your leg at the groin (SEL 15) on the left side with your left hand. After a few minutes, or when you feel the pulses in each place come into harmony, move your left hand to hold your left sit-bone (SEL 25). Reverse for other side. This simple flow clears our attachment to problems and things while bringing joy and laughter along with energy and clarity to our lives. Add this sequence to your daily practice to clear the entire body and harmonize body, mind and spirit. Give it a try today!

"Drop the idea that you are Atlas carrying the world on your shoulders.

The world would go on even without you.

Don't take yourself so seriously."

~Norman Vincent Peale

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