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Our Yoga Practice Roadmap

“A roadmap is simply a plan for moving or transitioning, from one state to another.

A roadmap provides the direction to the future.”

~Pearl Zhu

As we move forward this week into out next journey through the KYM100 plans, this will be my 12th time teaching through all of the 100 and my 14th time working with these 100 sequences in my own body. The magic of the KYM100 is that it is always new each time! The cycle is so long and so diverse that every time you encounter a sequence, it feels like you have never seen it before!

One of the hallmarks of The Kaiut Yoga Method is how we work with these 100 class plans or sequences. The sequences are designed to spiral in and out through the entire body over the course of the 100 classes to touch on every aspect and layer of our system and to truly give us a systemic approach to the body. The plans are divided into groups of 5 classes for a total of 20 groups.

Each group shares common characteristics and emphasis. Each class plan addresses the 3 main areas of the body to some degree or another. We call those areas the girdles - the shoulder girdle, the hip girdle and the ankle or plantar girdle. These are the areas of the body that really feel the effects of restrictions throughout the body.

When teaching the Method, we can approach these classes in many different ways. We can work sequentially from 1 to 100. We can work sequentially backwards from 100-1. We can also work with the groups in various ways. It is not important to start at 1. What is important is that over time, you work through all of the plans. If this all sounds a little complicated, no worries! As teachers, we are keeping track of the cycles and all you need to do is come to your mat.

One of the benefits of having these 100 plans as a roadmap for our practice, is that it keeps us from only choosing to do the things that we like to do and that goes for student and teacher alike! The importance of variety and the ability to touch every aspect of our being is supported by working with all of the class plans to guide our practice. Each teacher brings their own interpretation, personality and pace to the class plans but we are all following the same map that supports our students and enables us to provide adjustments and options for each and every student to get what they need from each class. The roadmap also helps us to see consistent results with consistent practice.

Working through the 100 sequences provides variety, diverse stimuli with various angles and approaches, and most importantly, safety with these time tested sequences! This complete set of sequences offers us a structure to explore the day-to-day current reality of what is going on in our bodies, helping us to target and to, over time, dissolve those restrictions that keep us from being mobile, to be bringing more overall ease to our lives. Creating a better body for a better brain and a better brain for a better body.

“Unless you have definite, precise, clearly set goals,

you are not going to realize the maximum potential that lies within you.”

~Zig Ziglar

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