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Discover Inner Peace and Harmony

"Tension is who you think you should be. 

Relaxation is who you are." 

~Chinese Proverb

At Spiral Way Healing Arts, we specialize in practices that build freedom in the body and mind, extend life and establish a more relaxed, balanced approach to everyday life. These practices work well on their own or in combination with each other. 

  • Energy Healing with Jin Shin Jyutsu and Reiki

  • Teaching Self Care with Jin Shin Jyutsu Self Help

  • Restorative, Yin and Kaiut Yoga for Longevity 

Asheville Jin Shin Jyutsu Reiki Energy Healing

Overcome chronic stress, pain and health concerns. Experience deep relaxation. 

Harmonize body, mind and spirit.


Our bodies are made up of a multitude of communication pathways and bridges that connect all of the layers of our BE-ing. 


Stress, injuries and fatigue create imbalances and restrictions that can lead to discomfort, pain and disease.

In order to heal, we need to find ways to to let go of STRESS and TENSION.  


At Spiral Way, we specialize in Jin Shin Jyutsu, Energy Healing and the Kaiut Yoga Method, longevity practices based on our own natural, innate ability to harmonize, body/mind/spirit.


Let the expert guidance and touch of Holistic Health Practitioner and Kaiut Yoga Method teacher, BETH MOLARO place you back on the path to relaxation and wellness. 


Beth's Primary Goal is to help you find DEEP RELAXATION, to calm your nervous system, to reduce the harmful effects of stress, release tension, to bring about healing and ease, and to harmonize body, mind and spirit with the hands on Ancient Harmonizing Arts of Jin Shin Jyutsu and Reiki and by guiding you through the longevity practice of the Kaiut Yoga Method. 

This Week's Schedule

Sunday 5/26

10:30am online JSJ Guided Self Help


Monday 5/27

9am Kaiut Yoga online

2:00-4:30 Private Sessions

5:30pm Kaiut Yoga  online


Tuesday 5/28

9am Kaiut Yoga online

11am Kaiut Yoga @Alchemy Yoga

5:30pm Kaiut Yoga  online

Wednesday 5/29

9am Kaiut Yoga online

Thursday 5/30

9am Kaiut Yoga online

11am Kaiut Yoga @Alchemy Yoga

5:30pm Kaiut Yoga  online

Friday 5/31

9am Kaiut Yoga Foundations online

You are welcome to get started with these practices by simply coming to class as all classes are beginner friendly! See all online classes HERE. 

Click on Studio AYC   or  Alchemy Yoga  to register for in-person classes.


All Times are Eastern Time Zone. 

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